Restaurant near Carcassonne
"The Missing Poet"

A restaurant near Carcassonne

Come and delight your taste buds with traditional, homemade cuisine based on local, quality products. “Le Poète Disparu” offers you dinner from the menu, or “à la carte” in its cozy rooms, or on the terrace as soon as the weather permits.

A culinary identity

Chef Thomas Laffargue was inducted as a disciple of Escoffier in 2019. Born near the shores of the Mediterranean, its smells and its colors, Chef Thomas Laffargue sprinkles them throughout his kitchen. This one is tasty. The beautiful and the good intertwine to awaken your senses. He is also a being of conviction who wants to be in phase with the Earth. He therefore favors local and regional suppliers and seasonal products.

Our schedules Book your table

The restaurant is only open in the evening, from April to October, every day except Wednesdays. We invite you to contact us to book your table on the terrace or in our cozy dining room. 

Creole Aude The map

Come discover and taste the “Aude au Printemps” menu of Chef Thomas Laffargue, or for smaller appetites, there is the possibility of dining à la carte! 

For any dietary restrictions or allergies, be sure to notify your server so that the Chef can take them into consideration.

Menu “Aude in Spring”
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